The One-year Alliance to Witness Great Achievements
Time: 2016-11-18  Issuer: 汉马编辑

The press conference of the first anniversary of Wuhan marathon and Beijing marathon alliance was held in China National Convention Center in Beijing today. The following distinguished guests attended the activity: Wang Dawei, vice chairman of Chinese Athletics Association; Wang Shenshun, the director of Wuhan Sports Bureau; Yan Pan, the deputy director of Wuhan Sports Bureau; Zhu Jianbin, president of Wuhan sports development investment Co., Ltd; Wang Jian, general manager of China Olympic Road Running Co., Ltd.

The fruitful cooperating achievements of Wuhan marathon and Beijing marathon alliance were fully displayed. Besides, four runner representatives, who has the qualification to participate Bei Ma directly from Han Ma, received special souvenir. The information event information of 2017 Dongfeng Renault Wuhan Marathon was delivered.


Wuhan marathon and Beijing marathon works together in the alliance to make the first year of Han Ma won a good reputation
The inauguration ceremony of Wuhan marathon and Beijing marathon alliance was held in China National Convention Center in Beijing on September 9, 2015. An official announcement was made by both parties that they shall be combined as coordinating partners to form a joint venture, and cooperating hand by hand to develop the marathon growing bigger.
The crystallization of Wuhan marathon and Beijing marathon alliance, Wuhan Han Ma Sports Management Co., Ltd was officially established under the care of Chinese Athletics Association, supported by the People's Government of Wuhan Municipality and Hubei Province Sports Bureau, and guided by China Olympic Road Running. On April 10, 2016, the First Wuhan Marathon has ended successfully through overcoming difficulties and cooperating fully by both sides.


The first Han Ma won the unanimous praise by board masses of runners and media friends. “The first Han Ma was a great success with quite nice features. Although it was the first time of Han Ma, the event, which was a brand new yet classic event for the runners all over China and the whole world, was held at a high starting point with a high level platform, due to the highly valuing by Wuhan municipal party Committee and Government and the careful preparation by the organization committee.” Du Zhaocai stated when he was commenting on Han Man.

The high evaluation was given by citizens, runners, sponsors, and viewers after experiencing the Han Ma. They commented: “The course, viewers and the organization were almost perfect.”, “It is the first ranking marathon domestically.”, “The management was first level, which was full of passion and human interest.”, “I put my thumb up for the river city, big Wuhan, with the big rivers and big lakes.”, “The organization of Han Ma was so good for its perfect course, beautiful sceneries and passionate citizens.”, “We all shall learn from Wuhan marathon.”
The information on 2017 Han Ma was delivered, and the hot event worth expecting

The 2017 Wuhan Marathon will still start on the second Sunday in April, which is April, 9. And the starting time will be 7:30 in the morning. Judging from the relatively successful of the first Han Ma and the existing scale of the event could not fulfill the needs of the board masses of runners, we implemented the scientific evaluation and detailed investigation to determine that the number of participants will be increased a little based on the 20 thousand participants in 2016. The specific number shall be delivered on a proper time according to the demonstration of the course.

The course of 2017 Dongfeng Renault Wuhan Marathon will basically stay the same. The starting point will still be at the river beach of Hankou. The finishing line of Health Run will be at the plaza of Xinhai Revolution Museum. The finishing line of the Semi Marathon will be at the Provincial Library and the finishing line of marathon will be at the Happy Valley. The course will cover Qinchuan Bridge, Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge and Shahu Bridge. It is worthy to be mentioned that next year is the 60th anniversary for the opening of Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge. Running across it at that time will be special for runners and the city.
The sceneries alongside the course will be fully upgraded. The greenway of the East Lake with a total length of 28.7 kilometers will be fully available at the end of December, 2016. The greenway will add six more scenery spots besides connecting three existing spots, Mo Shan, Ting Tao and Luo Yan. The main street of the East Lake will be laid using asphalt, and both sides of the street will build up the pavement with colorful plastic cement. The pleasant shade made by trees alongside the lake shore together with the lush grass along the lake, the open lake and the graceful pale view of mountains make the runners feel like running in a pictorial world. The greenway shall be the best exemplifying the most beautiful course.

The whole course will be delivered after it is approved and permitted by relevant departments. Please stay tuned.



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