Selected runners from Han Ma to race in Bei Ma
Time: 2016-11-18  Issuer: 汉马编辑

(Picture by photographer Feng 11) 
 At 7:30 yesterday morning, Beijing Marathon started in front of the Tian’anmen Square. 30 thousand runners were participating in. The runner, who has the qualification to participate Beijing Marathon (Bei Ma) directly from Wuhan Marathon (Han Ma), also participated in and ran along the Chang’an street to the Bird’s Nest.

The number of enrollment of the direct pass to Bei Ma from Han Ma was determined mainly by means of drawing lots among qualified results. Runners were grouped by ages and 10 runners were selected from each group. The top 5 from the 10 according to the result shall be qualitied and the rest 5 shall be determined by drawing lots. 192 runners totally gained the first chance to participate Bei Ma directly form Han Ma.

Gaining the unsatisfying result in Bei Ma and the chance to Han Ma, she will keep fighting

(Runner Malia
Several hours later, a girl with a long hair, Malia, came to the finishing point, where she knew her result was 3 hours 24 minutes. Malia said she could not display her strength and ability because of her body situation. Malia came from Jinzhou, Hubei province, and now she’s working in Zhengzhou. She participated the Wuhan Marathon on April 10, 2016, and gained the chance to participate the Beijing Marathon as the first in the group of 35-39 years old.

With a long hair and moon-like smiling eyes, Malia liked running since she was a little girl. She used to be the 3 KM runner in school and started to run marathon in 2013. This was her 3rd time for Bei Ma. Comparing with Beijing Marathon, Malia has a hometown feeling towards Wuhan Maraton, “the course of Han MA is very beautiful, the viewers are all passionate and the material supply is sufficient. My friends from Zhengzhou and I do want to run there for another time.” She said excitedly.

The most romantic accompany running is the most touching confession

(the second from the left is Zhang Penghui)
Zhang Penghui is working in Beijing. His result of Han Ma was 2 hours 59 minutes, and gained the chance to participate the Beijing Marathon as the fifth in his group. With experience of more than 40 marathon races, he did not run for himself but for his friend by intentionally control his own speed setting. His friend gained the result of 3 hours and 24 minutes, which was his new PB, personal best.

Han Ma is with its own ethos and he wants to be a volunteer for it next year

(Picture of Deng Xiantao at the finishing point)
 Deng Xiantao is working in Wuhan. He gained the chance to participate the Beijing Marathon as the third in his group. “I was running so excitedly! I brought two new runners and be company with them. I tried my best to bring them and enjoyed my second happy Beijing Marathon. My efforts for the race, especially my for the accompanying with them made them feel very happy too.”

(Deng Xiantao and his friends)
It’s known that two new runners that Deng Xiantao was company with only finished one marathon before. Although he finished the race by 4 hours and 35 minutes, his friends finished by 6 hours, which was 1 hour faster than before. He felt very happy about it.

 When talking about the Han Ma next year, Deng Xiantao said he would like to be enrolled as the medical care volunteer since he had the training experience in AHA (American Heart Association). “Serving runners along the course of marathon is my dream.” He side. He also said he would like to gain a primary rescue certificate.


(Wei Lantian on the East Lake course of Wuhan Marathon)
Wei Lantian came from Wuhan. He is lucky enough to gain the chance to participate the Beijing Marathon from Wuhan Marathon directly by drawing the lots. His result of Beijing Marathon this time was 5 hours 45 minutes, which was better than his result of Wuhan Marathon, 6 hours 12 minutes.

During the race, he felt that the number participates was larger and the international feeling was there in Beijing Marathon as the First Marathon in China. And Han Ma started rather late but made him feel warm and sweet with the unique course, adequate supply, passionate viewers and meticulous service. “If I can’t be lucky enough again to be enroll into Han Ma next year, I will participate as a volunteer.” He said.



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